Time for a new blog

I’ve started a new blog iffen you are interested. This new blog will be password protected, so go to the blog and sign up for email notifications as usual (the sign-up is at the very bottom of the page).

New blog: https://peihome2.wordpress.com/

And then Email me for the password. This will stay the same. It’s very easy so I expect to see you!

Martin & I

Just found this from 2012…

Top of the Meadow

Twelve years ago, I met a man named Martin Smith.

Twelve years later, I still love him as much as I ever did. He’s my best friend, my confidante, my husband. He fusses over me when I’m sick (which is often), tells me several times a day how beautiful I am, and holds my hand wherever we go.

Oh, we have the occasional issue; we’re not perfect. But whenever I think of myself old and gray, Martin is old and gray right beside me.

We met on a blind date! Well, sort of a blind date. I knew I was meeting a stranger but he had no idea he was being set up. My sister was solely responsible for us meeting. She was certain we’d be perfect together and for months kept telling me so. At the time, I wasn’t interested in getting serious with anyone, but finally thought, what…

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Sheep ‘n Chickens

Live action sheep!

Note that there is no snow now on the ground! Unbelievable! Wonderful!

Some of these pics are from when there WAS snow on the ground. Not that long ago. Hope it’s the last of it. Dare I hope?




Finally Out for Fun!

Most of the snow is gone which means day trips aren’t as fraught with headaches as they used to be. So, off we went to the Wood Island Lighthouse for a scenic drive. All that ocean ice surging in the waves and piling up on the shore – so cool!

It looks cold – and it was chilly, but only there at the exposed point as it was so windy. The temperature actually shot up to 12C the last time we looked. Tropical!

This was our first ‘fun’ outing since my concussion. It was totally worth the whopping headache I have right now, ha ha.